Getting a Restaurant Liquor License – Application Process, Liquor Mark Up and Other Considerations

When consumed in moderation, alcohol complements any type of food, as well as many people, can not visualize having a laid-back or great eating experience without it. Nevertheless, while alcohol sales can be an excellent income for a restaurant, serving it likewise features a great deal of obligation.

In this write-up, we check out several of the benefits and disadvantages of having a restaurant liquor license and also some of the things that you must take into consideration if you do choose to serve alcohol. We also supply an insight right into the license application process.


Dining Establishment Liquor Markup


Alcohol sales can offer your dining establishment business better profit margins than food as a result of the high markup capacity and the marginal preparation time entailed. Some restaurants make up to two-thirds of their profits from alcohol sales. If you are fortunate sufficient to have a clientele that buys a premium glass of wines then the revenue capacity can be mind-blowing.

Consider Your Concept and also Market

Consider your restaurant principle when selecting the kind of alcohols that you intend to use on your food selection. If you are a Mexican restaurant after that obviously you require to stock Corona Beer as well as supply appropriate mixed drinks such as Margaritas.

Liquor Laws Vary

There are different laws to adhere to relying on the state that you are doing business in. You must comply with these legislations thoroughly as well as make sure that your employees do also, otherwise you take the chance of losing your dining establishment liquor license.

Depending on your regional licensing requirements you may be limited as to when you can serve alcohol as well as exactly how it needs to be offered. You might likewise be limited in the way that you can value and advertise alcoholic beverages. In some cities, you are not allowed to discount rate alcohol or deal specials such as ‘two for the rate of one’. Licenses can also be separated right into those for on-premises consumption and also those for off-premises usage.

Finally, the kind of alcohol that you market might also be controlled. You may locate that it is simpler to get a license just to offer beer as well as white wine instead of a basic license that consists of spirits too.

The Application Process

Liquor licenses typically do not come low-cost so you ought to discover what you will certainly be dealing with and budget for this in your start-up costs.

The process to apply for a license is considerable. If you are acquiring an existing restaurant company you might be able to relate to having the license transferred over to you however otherwise you require to begin the procedure from scratch. Nevada liquor license application can help you in obtaining your license. If accepted, your liquor license will certainly have to be renewed yearly.

In your application, you may require to show how you are planning on minimizing the adverse results of alcohol consumption. It is likewise likely that you will need to include a background check to confirm that you don’t have a rap sheet. The approval procedure also typically provides neighborhood people a possibility to disapprove of a license being granted if they can support their point of view with solid thinking. As you can picture the application period can be extensive so you need to start the application process as soon as possible.



Among the largest downsides of having a liquor license is that you may be held liable if your customers have a mishap and trigger damages to someone or something as a result of drinking in your dining establishment. You are not only accountable on your business premises in Las Vegas but you may additionally be held liable for the activities of your customers after they have left your dining establishment. You absolutely have to get liquor liability insurance to protect your own and also your company in such situations.

Drunk as well as disorderly clients can end up being an issue for your restaurant as well as this can adversely affect the experience of various other restaurants.

Staff Training

Make certain to set plans that make it very easy for your workers while maintaining your consumers as safe and happy as feasible. Provide staff some support and training so that they understand just how to offer alcohol responsibly and also they recognize just how to take care of clients who are drunk and also disruptive.

A dining establishment liquor license has both benefits as well as disadvantages. Alcohol sales have the prospective to double your revenues and boost the experience of your diners but you need to understand local licensing needs and also established firm plans for your staff members to adhere to.


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